Can't test the login?

Hello there. I’ve just signed up with a free trial and want to create a quick, simple demo to see how it works. However, it looks like I cannot actually use member protected content unless I pay?

What I’m hoping to do is to password-protect a single page so that I can demo the process of logging in / out and seeing the content or being redirected. I created one free membership plan. I created one members-only content with the url for the page I want to protect. I installed the code on my site locally. When I visit the members-only page, I am correctly redirected. However, the login link #/ms/login does not work. So I’m unable to login and then see the page.

I’d like to see / use / understand how it works first and creating a demo of protected content seems like a basic level of a free trial. Is it possible to do this?

Hey Tom :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

This should be possible with your trial membership. Would you be willing to share your url so we can take a look and solve the problem? :grinning:

Thanks Josh - I was able to get the login working for testing purposes using a custom login form. So I am now able to login and see the member only content. However, I’m now having two other challenges:

  1. After logging in, I am redirected to the appropriate page. But when I navigate to any other page or refresh the member-only page - I am required to login again. Should it be keeping the user logged in?

  2. Adding the Logout link to any page is not working. The JS simply removes the link from the page and the user cannot click on it. <a href="#/ms/logout">Logout</a>does not seem to show on any page, but <a href="#">Logout</a> does. Do you know why this would happen?

<a href="#/ms/profile">Profile</a> is the same. If I add this to any page, it is not visible.