Categorized membership access

Hi I am currently trying to build membership Webflow course access. One quick question - is it possible to customize pricing plans for specific user category?

For example, pricing A allows access for pages that provide pages for A only and pricing B allows access for all video series ,etc.

I am sure there is an authotization function but I was unsure if memberstack allows this type to “categorized authorization” and this is very important for us to provide multiple plans based on price that users are willing to pay for.

It would be much appreciated if you could advise. Thank you!

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Hey @astoria17,

Do you mean you would like to have multiple types of memberships: e.g 3 types of memberships - Basic $10, Pro $20, Advanced $30

Basic gives access to 2 videos, Pro gives access to 4 videos and Advanced gives access to all content. When signing up users can then decide which membership model they would like to sign up for.

If so, this is totally possible in Memberstack. Check out one of the ‘Getting Started’ tutorials here:

Or send any other questions you have😃

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this is perfect thank you!