Change Membership Status in Memberstack Control Panel

Why cant we Change Membership Status in Memberstack Control Panel?? Am I missing something?

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Hi @Derrick_Threatt! We haven’t made it to that feature on our roadmap yet. That feature is one of the reasons we’re hesitant to remove the “Beta” from the dashboard. It’s something you’d expect, but it’s not available just yet.

Thanks for the patience, and let us know if you can’t find a workaround. We might be able to manually change that members status for you.

Does the member have a paid subscription?

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No it’s just for internal.employees.

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Hello @DuncanHamra . I am finding that I also need this function. I have created new pages that I want only a certain group of internal employees to have access so I created a new membership and just want to reassign the internal employees.

Thank you all!