Charge Users Variable Amount Per Month

I am creating a service where users can “join” for free. However, as part of their profile setup, they need to provide their credit card info and then at the end of every month, there is a variable charge: month 1 could be $5, month 2 could be $7, etc. I have two questions: 1) Is it possible to charge users a variable amount per month based on a setting? 2) Is it possible to have a user join for free and then add payment info at a later stage (profile setup)?

Options I’ve considered:

  • Have a membership that is $0 so that I can get credit card info, just seems odd
  • Creating a membership of type “free” and then have the CC info added later but I didn’t see a way to add credit card info to the profile setup.
  • Using a Free Trial didn’t seem to make sense because I don’t know the exact number of days before the user is ready to go. I can’t use an arbitrary 14 days; it’s truly once they have completed their profile information.
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Hi Ryan,

It’s possible for users to join a free plan and then upgrade, but it’s not possible to charge a variable amount. Memberstack can’t handle variable subscriptions.