Checkout screen not working on mobile?-Solved

New to Memberstack. I just launched the site yesterday. Everything seems to be working. New members signing up. But today, I had a customer try to signup and purchase from a mobile. Safari 604, iOS . and she said that after she clicked the “create my account” button, instead of taking her to the checkout screen, it just went blank.

Is this something I may have done wrong on my end? (It’s a Duda responsive site), or does this happen to anyone else?

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Hi @cb23, did you find a solution here?

I messaged Memberstack and you guys helped me figure it quickly. It turned out to be that the signup and login forms did not show up on mobile so I had copied and pasted the original form into the mobile editor. But when I did, the code changes did not copy. So I just had to change the code again in the mobile version. You guys were extremely helpful in assisting me. It’s all working perfectly now. Thank you