Choose member type while registering

Hi, I’m creating a site that will have two types of members. Manufacturers, and buyers. When signing up, the person, as he fills up his email and password, will have to choose whether he’d like to sign up as a manufacturer, or a buyer. A manufacturer will have a different set of pages visible, while a buyer will have a different one.

Can anyone help me out with how to achieve this? A tutorial video of something similar could help. I have experience with implementing memberstack. The video I came across showed how to create membership plans and guide a user to a sign up page based on which plan they select, but not much about allowing users to select a member type as they sign up, on the same page.

Let me know if I need to explain this any better! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey Aditya!

Are you looking for something like this?

If so, you can scroll down on the first page to see how it works :grin:

Thanks for your reply, Duncan!

The onboarding UI was helpful, but it’s still not exactly what I’m trying to achieve.

In the onboarding UI that you linked, you select agency/freelancer, and once you select, it takes you to a new page where you enter the details.

What I’m looking for, is to allow users to select agency or freelancer, and have the sign up form on the same page, rather than take them to a new page. So for instance, this is how the form would look like:

Membership type: ( ) Agency    (x) Freelancer


Is it possible to do it this way? Sorry for my terrible explanation!


Which website builder are you using?

If you’re able to create tabs or radio buttons and give them data attributes you can make this work.

Happy Wednesday :v:

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That does it! Thanks a lot! Exactly what I was looking for.

PS: I’m using Webflow too so this is an absolute win. Thanks again.

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