Client Dashboard Freebie

Hi Memberstack !

I am new to Memberstack and want to use your amazing Client Dashboard freebies :

I want to add your client dashboard freebie to a current webflow project that I have.

I watched your tutorial and cloned the dashboard but didn’t find how to copy/paste or duplicate all the pages, components, CMS collections into my current webflow project ?

If I try to copy paste all the elements one by one, it doesn’t work as I don’t have the CMS collections included.

Would be great if you had a step by step procedures or quick Loom to share for beginners :slight_smile: @DuncanHamra

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey Louis! Things get a bit more complicated when you try to move the template into a new project. I recommend following the tutorial below, copy and paste everything you can, and then recreate the CMS collections in a way that fits your clients/business.

It takes a bit of time to setup, but still beats starting from scratch by 10x.

Hope this helps!