Collect & Remit Tax, VAT, VAT-Moss?


I searched everything and couldn’t find any answers.

I can only choose a flat % tax on a subscription creating a membership, but
the European Union Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on purchases made by customers in the EU. VAT applies to any merchant selling a product or service (including digital products like an online course) to a customer based in Europe. The location of the merchant doesn’t matter—only the location of the customer determines whether or not VAT should be applied.

So how does Memberstack handle VAT on all purchases made from the EU?


Hi M.E.

Thanks for reaching out, this is a great question!

At the moment, Memberstack will apply the VAT tax to all customers no matter where they are located. This assumes you have added a tax under the membership’s settings. Leaving the tax setting empty will not charge any sort of tax.

This is definitely an area we need to improve on. Ideally, we will work with a Stripe partner to make tax calculation much more flexible and dynamic.

Hi Tyler,

Just found this thread. Have you progressed with this development any any chance?

I’m a UK business and need to charge UK VAT. Business customers in the EU with a Tax Code are exempt as are all customers outside the EU.

Is there any other way you recommend solving this issue.

Many thanks!