Collect Stripe payment info without a charge?

Hi, what I’d like to do is collect a customer’s payment info when they sign up for a membership, but keep the membership free, and charge them at a later time. Is there a way to collect the credit card info with a free memberhsip?

Hey Cody :wave:

We do not have a way to do this currently. We suggest getting the user to upgrade to a paid membership when the time comes. :smiley:

Thanks for the response! So actually, my scenario is probably a bit different. I am using MemberStack to create a membership area on our site for clients who already work with us. It houses some of their informatino, but they’re not paying for the membership, they’re paying for our services.

For a new client, moving forward, i’d like to be able to onboard them right to the website, along with gathering their contact and payment info all at one time. But I will be billing them manually back over on Stripe.

Any ideas on that? Thanks!

We do not have this feature currently. I added this as feedback for our roadmap. :smiley:

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