Company's private portal its clients

Hi there!

I’d like to know if the following is possible with memberstack:

  • A paying user is a company and creates private pages
  • This company invites its clients to access their private pages (see it as a portal)

My clients are companies and would pay for the membership.

Thank you very much for your help!

Just to clarify, it’s all on my website. I would therefore have:

MembersA access only content of companyA
MembersB access only content of companyB

Hey Burningmikey :wave:

The answer is yes but it will involve some work. In Memberstack we have “Member-specific pages” which allows you to create a unique page for any member. In your case, this would be a company. Here is an article on how to do this with Webflow The tricky thing would be the ability to have those companies change their own page. I am not sure what you are allowing them to add. In Memberstack you can add fields to your signup forms. This might be enough for you to add something the companies can change in their profile and show in their “Member-specific-pages”. I you need further control you would have to get zapier, airtable, webflow, and memberstack to work all together. Here is a tutorial series on that

I hope this answers your questions! :smiley:

Thank you for your quick answer Josh!

I would manage the page for the company. Even if they have access to it too.

Another question: how would that work for a member to access 2 different companies? (overlap of their client). Can a member have different (independent, not same root) slugs he can log into?

Thank you again!

currently members can only be assigned to 1 membership at a time. A common workaround is to create a membership like A + B and toggle both members only content options.

I didn’t follow: can you elaborate on the the A+B and toggle both members-only content options?

Hello again! :wave: :smile:

I apologize for not being clear enough. :slight_smile: Here is a snippet from Molly that I was thinking of but may have simplified it too much:

If you had 2 memberships; Scale and Pro users can choose which membership they want. Now you want to add a third; ‘Established’. You can create an extra membership (a third) thats either ‘Pro+Established’ or Scale+Established’ and inside that memberships is the content of both plans together.

So in your case you want to offer the contents of both Plan#1 and Plan#2 you create a 3rd option and name it Plan#3 with a combined price and then users can choose whether the want to access the contents of plan 1 and 2 or both together in #3.

This can be seen here

SO in your use case you would create a new membership with a title like “company1+company2” and price it as 2 regular memberships.

Got it thank you Josh.
This solution is not scalable, as one member may need to access company 1 and 4, another one company 2 and 3 and so forth. There is overlap between the companies’ members.