Conditional Visability Question (quite urgent)

Hi Guys,

First time using memberstack so forgive me if this is obvious.

I am building a site in Webflow for a client who will be offering 6 paid for services. Once someone pays for the service, they get in to the gated content for that service. The content is quite simple - it’s a video, some text and a downloadable PDF for each of these paid for services.

I get the basics of how to set it up but a big question of mine is that when a user is logged in, and has purchased package A and package B, how can I show only those packages in the navigation?

From what I can work out I would have to show them all, and when the user clicks on, for example package C that they haven’t paid for, it will take them to the pricing page for example. We don’t want to do this.

So I’m hoping there’s a way to use some kind of conditional visability - if user has paid for package A, display package A link in the nav.

I hope that makes sense and that someone can help me soon as we need to get this site built quickly!



Hey Tom :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Great question! This is serendipity. We are actually working on a new feature that would make this super easy. I just spoke to our team about this post and they would love to get in contact with you to have you user test this feature. They should be contacting you soon. :smiley:

Awesome! Look forward to hearing from the team then! Cheers Josh

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Hey Josh - any idea on when the team are going to reach out?

Hi Josh, any news? My client has now asked me to look for another company as we need to get moving. If you guys could get in touch soon that really would be great.

Hey Tom :wave:

Apologies, I passed this on and it appears they haven’t contacted you. Good news though. since our conversation we actually launched this feature! Here is a quick loom video showing it. What you would do is create hidden content for each membership and assign attributes to the nav buttons with the toggle I mention enabled. Then those nav items will only be shown to members with a matching membership.

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This is awesome - exactly what we needed. Thanks Josh, much appreciated

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