Connecting with Builderall

I am using Builderall for certain aspects of my business. Builderall is a website and funnel building alternative.

Am I able to integrate Memberstack using the html/css instructions?

Or will I need additional steps to complete this integration?

I’ve never heard of Builderall but a quick Google search informed me that it uses a web building platform called Cheetah? Theoretically, MemberStack should work with any web building platform, provided that you can access the HTML < head > element of your website within that platform. In Cheetah, I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the site settings (most web building platforms call it “custom code entry” or something similar).

When you set up MemberStack, it will ask you which web builder you use. You should be able to just select HTML/CSS. When you get to Step 3 of integrating MemberStack with your website, copy and paste the MemberStack integration code into the HTML < head > of your website in Cheetah.

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Ok, thanks.

Yes you can edit/add html code with Builderall but I just wasn’t sure if there was an extra step or tip I needed to do/ know for a successful integration.

I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

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