Connections at Aiven for Redis encrypted?


I set up the DBaas provider Aiven to use Redis as an in-memory database. I’ve heard a lot about it and want to test it for an example project. Fortunately the provider is also available as open source version, so you can try it out for testing purposes. But before I do a lot of work on it, I want to be sure that the data is protected. Are connections at Aiven for Redis encrypted or not?

So Aiven for Redis uses SSL encrypted connections by default - you don’t have to worry about that. In the service URL is the following prefix: “rediss://” - this shows you that the connections are encrypted.
But you have to know that not every Redis-Cliebt supports SSL-encrypted connections. In such cases you would have to switch off SSL to use these clients, which is not recommended. To get around this switching off, you can set up a stunnel process on the client side. How to configure this, as well as detailed instructions and more information about Aiven for Redis can be found on this page:

Hope I could help.

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