Couple questions for a meal delivery service

Hi Memberstack community! So nice to meet you here. I have some questions that hope the team and all experts can vouch in. I’m open to suggestions or even pro help.

Context: I’m opening a new business. It’s a paid membership for a meal delivery service. Basically, you pay for me to bring you delicious, organic food. I’m doing the onboarding through, using Webflow for my website and, of course, Memberstack. So, here are my questions.

  1. The easy one first. I have clients that buy monthly packages from me, but many of them do travel a lot or go out frequently. Of course, I won’t deliver their food for them those days so, what can I do here? Is there a way to pause a membership? I don’t want to fall into charging people and then send back a portion of that money or do a roll over kind of thing or start creating a new suscription for every person. If I could just pause the suscription, people will stay in the same tier, pay exactly the same, just on another day.

  2. Since I do food, I have several packages. 14 type of meal configurations, weekly or monthly and with six types of menus (we serve people that are in training, vegan, vegetarian, etc). So that leaves with a lot of configurations, hehe. What’s my best shot here? To basically do a membership for every type of configuration? The bot does have the ability to distinguish options from a client (asking questions and retrieving info), so technically, in the flow, when a user gets to the point of choosing let’s say “Vegan menu, breakfast and dinner, no snacks, monthly”, the bot could already have stored an specific link to a specific type of membership and then charge and get the user to their dashboard. Landbot can use web hooks in their flow, idk if that helps in some way. Since I’m not a developer, my mind doesn’t have all the options you surely are thinking of right now :sweat_smile:

  3. Where can I find more info on ms-attributes? Is there a tutorial for that? I would to show people fun facts on why my service is helping them achieving their goals.

Thank you SO MUCH for the help. I’m kind of lost here on what’s the best way to approach my project. I don’t mind doing hard work getting it perfect and the most automatized way possible, but I also don’t wanna overcomplicate things if there’s an “easy” solution. :hugs: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Carlos! Welcome!

Off the top of my head here are a few things:

  1. I don’t think people can pause memberships right now but I could be wrong. A work around could be to add a free membership called pause.

  2. If each of the memberships are the same price you could just have one and add a field that holds what type of menu the user prefers. Like a dropdown field. This would make the membership simple.

  3. Here is a list of all the attributes

I hope this helps you as much as possible. Again, welcome to Memberstack!


Hey Josh! Thanks for the reply.

  1. Hope there’s a way. Only thing that comes up to my mind is to give coupons to people and just give them the discount according to the days they are gone. Not the best, but I think is the easiest way to just do it. Still I think it would cause some friction with users.

  2. Unfortunately no :frowning: I have 6 types of general menus and weekly or monthly subscriptions but, the thing is, I’m giving people the option to pick between many configurations:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Also, every one of these people have the option to choose adding their collation (fancy word for snack) so, this can go to Breakfast and lunch only or Breakfast and lunch w/snack. This brings around 168 possible type of memberships, since every one of these have a different price, unless I’m missing something :sweat_smile:

So, yeah, that’s why I’m a bit confused. So far, I think I will have to make a Membership for every option and just have the links ready in the flow of my bot, bringing the right option according to the answers of the person registering.

  1. Thank you! I’ll take a look and get back, surely, with some q´s.

Thanks for the Welcome, Josh!


Hey Carlos,

Ooo sounds like a super exciting project!

  1. Yes Josh is correct. You aren’t able to pause memberships in Memberstack just yet. So the best workaround would be to add the free membership and name it paused.

  2. You would have to create a membership for every option. Memberstack isn’t good at handling multiple memberships just yet😌

  3. Fire away if you have any questions regarding the attributes.

And a big welcome to the Memberstack community🎉

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Hi Molly! Thanks for the help. Couple more questions here.

  1. I´m using Landbot for the onboarding of my potential clients. It´s easier and more interactive for me to do it this way. Is there a way I could send the info I´m gathering their and send it to Landbot, so, first, I could have more info of my potential lead if it doesn´t conclude the sign up process (specially since doing sign up through Memberstack leaves me with no chance of doing an “abandoned cart” strategy). And second, to make the sign up process faster and better to the lead, since I do have to ask a lot of questions. Landbot does have the ability to use webhooks and js scripts directly into their flows, besides storing general info (text, numbers, dates, etc), I don´t know if that helps somehow.

  2. Is there a difference between using a platform like Webflow against Squarespace for example? I see some features are “missing” in some platforms in the features page of Memberstack, but I don´t which could be the differences between one or another (or even other platforms). This question is obviously regarding to what you can do with Memberstack (funcionality, personalization, client features/dashboards), I do know these platforms have differences in itself for the website building process.

Sorry for all the questions here! I´m pretty new to a lot of these membership apps and software :smiley:

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