Coupon for 100% discounted membership still requires payment card?

To confirm I understand correctly, do all coupons still require a user to input credit card details for a 100% discount on a paid membership?

If I want to provide a coupon to a set of users in order for them to have a free trial (without having to enter a credit card), is this possible with memberstack?


Hi Alastair, users are required to enter a credit card when they use a one-time coupon :+1: I’ll add this as a feature request though. I see where this could be useful.

Yes this is a real bad look and could prevent people from wanting to redeem a coupon on my site. It seems like something so simple to not require it for one-off purchases especially…

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Hey Cat :wave: This is one of those things that would ideally be configurable. The majority of users wanted to collect card info, but a solid number also wanted to avoid collecting card info.

I’m so excited that our team is growing! Once we have a front-end developer on full-time, this is the sort of thing we could implement in a day. :tada:

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Hi Duncan. Any updates or workarounds for this yet? We’d love to give coupons to students who won’t have access to a credit card.

@DuncanHamra any updates or plans on this?