Coupon for X amount of months

Is there a way to create a coupon that gives people X number of billing cycles for free?

I want to give a coupon that lets people get for free for the first 2 (or three) months of the membership, obviously creating another membership only for this purpose isn’t ideal because at some point my client is going to ask me to give 4 months and then 5 or even 6.

Does somebody know how to do this or any workaround?


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Hey Aaron!

The best work around at the moment is to give them a coupon for 1 month off, then manually apply a credit or coupon in Stripe after signup.

hi @DuncanHamra

What will happen if i pause the payment collection for a specific date ? Will Memberstack break and forbid access to my customers ?

this would be much better than applying monthly coupons !

thanks for your help