Create a User data dashboard (analytics dashboard)

Hi all,
I’m so happy to have found Memeberstack. I’ve been looking for something similar since long time!
I need to create a

user dashboard to display analytics data.

I get this data either from a database, CSV o google sheets.

I saw the project from Duncan that uses the charts.js in WebFlow.
So I went to Webflow to learn to use that and it seems that this is kind of complicated in this cms.
Charts are not natively integrated in Webflow and plus I cannot find documentation on how to update them with an external database (or data source).

So I’m asking myself what is the best method for building such “user data dashboard” with a No-Code approach?

I thought that Memberstack could do all this but I was probably too optimistic :slight_smile:

I saw this MS example and seeing those user charts, it’s exactly what I’m trying to reproduce…
Unfortunately I can’t find how to reproduce such a data dashboard showing user’s data in WebFlow or other no-code cms compatible with MS.

Thanks for your kind suggestions


Others may have a better (or different) approach to this, but my preference is to save those values in the Webflow CMS so that when the Webflow page loads, it pulls those fields and displays the numbers shown for each unique member on your site.

It may sound complicated (again, others may have an easier approach to this) but it’s not too bad, and MemberStack is the perfect compliment to this.

  1. Setup a Webflow CMS called “Members” with fields for each of the values you’d like to display
  2. Have MemberStack control signups, logins, etc…
  3. Have a Zapier zap populate your Webflow CMS triggered on new member creation (from MemberStack - they automagically handle this for you)

Now the basics are setup and in place for this. You have individual members, who can signup/login, and each member can have it’s own values to display from the Webflow CMS. Next…

  1. Create a new Zapier zap
  2. Have it triggered by “…either from a database, CSV or google sheets”
  3. Have this new zap update the “Member” in the Webflow cms

Again, it sounds like it may be a bit difficult, but it’s not. I have a bunch of videos walking through setups just like this at my site, here’s an example video walking through how to setup Unique Member Dashboards using:

  1. MemberStack
  2. Webflow
  3. Zapier

…and it’ll cover the basic of what you need (along with the other videos on the site):

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply, I appreciate your work at NoCodeQuest.
Your approach is a bit complicated and I may me think that it would be difficoult to have good performances with all these passages of data.
Anyhow this would be good for business mvp testing which is the important part.

The Missing piece is the lack of charts in webflow
As I’ve read webflow can’t natively support any library of charts (as the one used in MS example below) and it MAY be possible to integrate Charts.js with a strong and difficult effort in hard javascript and css coding!

I hope that someone will help to replicate in NOCODE the example of the graph of MemberStack that I’ve reported above.
THanks again

Hi osivweb,

It sounds like you are only using Webflow for the charts, but you need to understand that Webflow’s primary purpose is to help you build websites, and Duncan’s Chart.js integration with Webflow is just a hack. You also need to understand that MemberStack’s primary purpose is to function as a membership management tool, and that you also need to hack it (with a third-party tool like Zapier) if you want to build an automated dashboard showing user-specific information.

So there are two things you need to hack here:

Hack #1. You need to hack MemberStack with Webflow (using something like Zapier) to build an automated member dashboard (no coding needed)

Hack #2. You also need to hack Webflow with Chart.js if you want to show charts within your dashboard (some coding needed)

To my knowledge, there is no single, one-stop, no-code solution out there that combines web building + membership management + charts. That’s just way too specific of a use-case.

The tutorial Chris linked above is the best solution you will find for Hack #1. For Hack #2, you can watch video 4 of this other tutorial Duncan made.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this!

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HI Alan.
Thank you very much for your explanation. I saw Memberstack, the image I’ve posted here and I simply thought that it would be possible to realize what shown and described in an easy way.

I understand your clarification and I suggest writing a line about this image, in the popular use cases (I understand that you have to show the best cases but these, I think, may respect the “no-code” approach of this product).

Would you suggest an alternative CMS, rather than Webflow, that would be better for this case?

thank you very much

You’re welcome.

I don’t know of any CMS that turns your data into charts without some kind of required integration to an external tool, but if you’re looking for a CMS that allows you to do so without coding I would look into Wordpress.

Wordpress is the number 1 CMS in terms of biggest community of third-party developers that have built custom integrations, but that’s not to say it’s a best CMS.

I will also add that the coding required with Webflow+Chart.js is VERY minimal and VERY easy. If you’re already somewhat familiar with Webflow I would say it will be much easier for you to just follow through with it, rather than try to figure out another CMS.

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