Create multi-step sign-up form that saves users email if checkout not complete

Similar to this question, I’m trying to create a multi-step checkout form that requests email address up front, and further details (name / payment details) at the end, so I can follow up with users that didn’t complete.

Have there been any further developments to allow this since the post back in Oct 2019? I know things move pretty quickly with MS so I’m hoping that there is another solution now…

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Hey Alastair, not yet. Feature releases slowed down quite a bit from October to Jan, but we’re in the process of expanding the dev team. :tada:

I’ll let you know when there’s progress here.

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Hey Alastair!

This question is a tricky one to be honest. With the rise of GDPR and other laws in favor of user rights I would suggest not just emailing people that have not given consent. What you could do is have a small button or checkbox next to or below the email field that says something like “Email me later”. Then upon checking that the address could be immediately added to a database or spreadsheet of users. This would take some custom code or some nice zaps from zapier to accomplish.

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