Create new useres from an "admin" portal

Hello there,

Is there a way to create a new user when you are allready login as a member(admin) without loging out to create the new user ?

What i want is to have a portal for where admin user(members can create a new basic user without haveing to log out.

Hey @Mads-Fossdal,

We are actually working on this as we speak β€” for admins to be able to add members; should be available in the next few weeks!! We will keep you updated on when it’s readyπŸ˜€


Do you have an update on this Molly ? :slight_smile:

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I have exciting news! You should see a New Members button on the members page. Meaning, you can now import members one-by-one or via a CSV! πŸŽ‰

I recommend using this csv as a base. You may need to add columns for additional data points.