Create time-limited free plan


Is it possible to set up a time-limited free plan? Eg one year’s length?

I am currently using the Free Trial mode of Memberstack.

Hey Jack :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Yes! This is possible. Right now when you create a membership you can select free trial and set how many days the trial should last. :smiley: Here is an article about free trials

Thanks Josh. I’m not looking to set up a free trial exactly.

Basically, I want to set up a free, year-long subscription. My company will invoice customers directly for the cost of membership (we are working in a school setting, which makes invoicing the easier option).

As it stands, the only choices I appear to have are

  1. An unlimited free plan
  2. Or a ‘yearly’ £0-fee subscription

Is there any way I can time limit the free plan? Or is option 2 the best way to go?

Another option would be to create a coupon for 100% one time use on a yearly membership. :smiley: This would require a slight tweak in your user flow. You could have a simple email form with a button that says “I’m interested” and a coupon code with a link to a signup page would be emailed to them.