Create/update unique member page with Integromat

Hi There,
I need to create the unique member page link on sign-up with Integromat, not Zapier. The key and value process for updating custom field data in Integromat works perfectly, except for the unique member page slug. I’m using the key of ‘member-page’ with the webflow ‘slug’ as the value but no joy. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Here’s mine, works like a charm :four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks @ChrisDrit,
I did solve this a a couple of hours ago with same process so almost there.
The last step to solve in what is admittedly a more complex use case than most, is the very long time it’s taking for the new member set-up to complete and confirm so the member can proceed to the member-only dashboard.
I just timed one at 5mins and 25secs! Perhaps @DuncanHamra or @Josh-Lopez have a thought?
For reference, the Webflow CMS (which is the last step in the flow) is updating almost immediately so I not sure what the ‘MemberStack.onReady’ delay could be?

Ahhhhhhh yes @Fathom :grinning:

I have the EXACT same issue and have been in contact with @belltyler about this bug.

The issue is that the cache is set to expire (and reload any new values) passed from the API after 5 minutes. Until then, the old value remains.

Obviously this doesn’t work in your use-case (nor mine). I haven’t heard anything back from Tyler for a couple of days, but last I spoke with him they were attempting to fix it.

For giggles, you’ll see the updated value in the MS members dashboard under Member page. Go ahead and hit the save button or the “test url” button while in there. That reloads the cache immediately. Then test that your use-case is now working. Of course this doesn’t work for a live scenario, it just illustrates the issue :sunglasses:

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@ChrisDrit Wow, that’s interesting. Hopefully it’s not an issue with Integromat still being in beta. I’ve way too many hours into this : )

I’ve been told it’s not Integromat and also told they are working on a fix.

Hi @belltyler, sorry to bother you. Any update on this cache issue? Only asking because if a fix has been implemented I need to ensure the problem isn’t at our end.

Is there a way to force reset the cache or that is on the Memberstack side? I am not sure if there are some cookies we could force delete maybe. Haven’t looked into that yet, anyone?

Morning @Josh-Lopez and @belltyler. There doesn’t appear to be any progress on this cache issue. Do you have an update? We’ve been asked to provide a working demo to the client on Monday next week (New Zealand-time). I’m getting concerned.

Hi @ChrisDrit, sorry to bother you.
Did this cache issue get resolved at your end? Perhaps you found a work-around?
Any thoughts on how to progress it are appreciated.

No bother at all @Fathom !

Coincidently, I heard back from @belltyler this morning.

It appears the issue is fixed! The bad news is it’s not live just yet. He said earliest by tomorrow, latest by Monday.

Hope that helps!

@Fathom @ChrisDrit @veermanhas

The caching bug has been fixed!

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