Creating a custom membership per account

Hey guys!

I’m wondering if anyone knows how we would go about this. We’re looking to create a /business page on our website, and the monthly price depends on the amount of employees the business has. For example, we’d charge $3/employee/month, so the price would realistically be different for every business. Anyone know if/how this would be possible using MemberStack memberships? Thanks in advance!


Hey @traf! There are a few ways you can solve this right now. But before I make some recommendations, what sort of volume will you be dealing with? Do you need something that’s entirely automated ASAP, or will something for manual be enough to get you by for now?

For example, when someone needs to signup for our Established plan we manually create a new Stripe plan for them. If the plan already exists, we just reuse that.

Hey @DuncanHamra !

Yes manually creating the memberships on our end is fine for now, we just need to do it in a way that’s user-friendly, so the business wouldn’t have to enter their # of employees or credit card info multiple times.


I am in need of something similar to this. We charge monthly per employee as well and we would like something automated ASAP. What do you recommend for a temporary solution?

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Hi Alex! Can you send me a link to your pricing page?

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You guys find a solution to this?

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Not yet. We’re evaluating our roadmap this weekend. It’s grown out of the control. We should have a better idea as to the order of things next week.

Full transparency: we haven’t started working on this feature yet, but I can send you an update when we do.


Looking for a similar feature. Site in development at the moment where:
a) Each person will pay a different amount based on ‘weight of product’
b) People with the same ‘weight’ may have different pricing depending on frequency of delivery (ie every 1/2 weeks).

Effectively it seems like custom memberships per account for pricing and payment frequency.

Assuming this isn’t possible yet?

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Hi Jayson, do you have an screenshots or links to similar sites you can share? I curious how user’s should be able to select a weight/frequency.


Hey. I don’t unfortunately. It is a pet food business - pets require different food weights for their daily/weekly feed. It can vary from 0.5kg to >10kg with increments of 0.5kg, and for each weight, could be delivery every 1,2,3 or 4 weeks. The more frequent the delivery, the more expensive.