Creating a membership that issues users credits every month

Hi there! I would like to create a paid membership that issues membership certain amount of credits that can be used to purchase a product on our platform and renew these credits every month. It is the same as ClassPass’s pricing model where you pay a monthly fee and you get credits every month, which you can use to join a class. I use Airtable to manage member’s database. Have you had similar experience to this? What resources did you guys look for? Any tips or recs are appreciated!

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This is great feedback! We love this! We haven’t seen this come up yet so we don’t have any suggestions at the moment. I am adding this to our insight list. @ChrisDrit have you seen anything like this or have any input!?

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Thanks for pinging me @Josh-Lopez

I haven’t seen anything like this but I do have a creative idea…

To accomplish this, I think you’d first have to find a payment service that allows what you’re describing and I don’t know of any off hand, but they must exist. Further, the service would need to integrate with Zapier (or similar) so that you can understand if a user has paid, if they have any remaining credits, etc… any credit changes could be webhook’ed via Zapier and update Airtable.

Second, I would invision using MemberStack as an auth layer only. So as far as MS is concerned, they are just free, but auth’ed, users.

So something like this:

  1. A user adds some credits
  2. If they are already a signed up member, they now have access to whatever those credits allow
  3. If they are not a signed up member, you could easily redirect them to a MemberStack signup page (hidden & confirmed to only be visible by those with credits)
    1. New user signs up and can access whatever those credits allow

Again, I believe the crux of this is that payment service and an integration with Zapier.

Hope that helps!

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