Creating Dynamic intergration with Webflow

Hi guys,

I saw your stream with the webflow guys, and decided to try this out!

I watched the webflow tutorial on creating a client dashboard… but it seems redundant creating a different page for every client. Could we create a CMS collection page that loads in a client from the database, based on if they are logged in via memberstack?

So instead of “Welcome back, Matt!” we could dynamically insert something like “Welcome back, %FirstName%!”


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Hi Jamie!

Absolutely! It sounds like you don’t even need to use our member specific pages feature. That feature is only needed when you want each of your members to have their very own page.

If you just want to display member info into a page it’s super easy :slight_smile:

Here is a help article that explains how to do that:

Also, have you watched our Webflow getting started tutorial? If not, I recommend giving it a look through. You can find a link to that here:

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Awesome! One more question: can you link a Webflow crm record to a memberstack login?

So if client logs in using memberstack, it will show a particular websflow CRM record?

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Hi Jamie!

You can definitely do this with MemberStack. I currently have a site where each user has their account in w/ Webflow CMS, and redirects to their specific page each time they login. It’s really easy to setup w/ MemberStack


Thanks mate… if it’s possible I can forge ahead. :slight_smile:


If you need any help along the way, let us know!

This article can help you get going :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all,

Is there a way for us to create more than 1 Dynamic CMS for user specific pages?
The options available is only for available for 1. If there is can someone advice me on this?