Creating Members from MS portal

How do I create a new test membership? I want to create a test member, then login on staging site with unique test accounts to make sure the content is being displayed for each membership.


You do that by signing up on your website, then you’ll see the member in the “Members” tab in MemberStack. Unfortunately you can’t do it directly in MemberStack yet.


That’s weird. Thanks, Alan.

Hey Ian,

(Responded to you in chat, but for others I posting here too)

Do you want to create a new test membership or test member?

You can create test members on a free account via the dashboard and create paid test members on your website.

If you’re trying to test paid members, you’ll want to create a 100% off forever coupon here

Let me know how you get on😃


You can create test members in the MemberStack dashboard now? How do you do that? I remember there used to be an “Add New Member” button that didn’t do anything, but I don’t see that anymore.

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Thanks all! I appreciate it!

Hey @alankemsley it’s a brand new feature :tada:

We haven’t announced it yet as it only works for free members, but that’s changing very soon :grin:

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