Cross Website Tracking (Pricing to Signup)


I want to drive users from the pricing page on my main website to the signup page on my membership microsite (they are two separate webflow projects). I know you need to add attributes on the pricing buttons to track what membership the user clicked on when they arrive at the signup page.

Can this be done across the two sites if I add the memberstack code to both and the attributes to the buttons on the main site with a redirect to the signup on the microsite?



Hi Billy,

My initial guess is I don’t think it’s going to work :sweat_smile: It’s certainly possible with a bit of custom code though.

What you may have to do is pass their selection as a URL parameter to the new page. Then you would have a bit of custom code on the other page that would take the URL parameter, and then “click” on the selection for MemberStack to register it.

Quick question, the page that the main site redirects to, is it a subdomain?

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Yes it is a subdomain, I guess one option would be to connect two domains to the one webflow website and have the portal on and the website on

Is there an alternative with custom code or does that become complicated?