Custom Forms: Radio Button-Dropdown and Checkboxes


I hope everyone is coping well with this pandemic!

I am new to Memberstack and have a question regarding creating a form that allows:

  • radio buttons
  • dropdowns
  • checkboxes.

My client wants to his clients, parents of kids coming to their camp, to sign up their kids and fill in a lengthy form so the camp has info on medication/allergies/emergency phone numbers etc etc.

That info needs to be accessible by the parents in their ‘member area profile’ so they can log in and make changes to e.g. the medication the kid required, or a new emergency number.

I can create a form, but I do not see a way to turn on a Radio Button or Checkbox. Would that be a custom development?

PS: I have created the site in Squarespace.

Thanks, have a great day and stay safe!


Hey Roland!

Currently this is a little tricky with Memberstack but will get easier in the future. Right now everything in Memberstack for fields are regular text fields. You can get around this though.

Here is an example of a checkbox/radio button in webflow but can be done similarly in squarespace too. Mapping radio buttons / checklists

Here is an example of a select field/dropdown


Thanks Josh… I want to keep simple. Found an alternative and will use them until Memberstack implements it natively.