Custom Public Profile Pages for members

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to create a membership site where the user will log in and create their own page that can be shared publicly? I am using Webflow too.

To expand on the idea:

  • I create a template on Webflow (probably with CMS)
  • User logs in
  • User answers a bunch of questions that will “plug in” to the template to customize their own “page”
  • They can use/share their page with the world (or keep private) and make updates as needed.

Is this possible with Memberstack? Thanks!

Hey Jess :wave:

Yes, this is possible. What you would need to do is use a third-party service to tie everything together. Users usually use a combination of zapier and airtable. :smiley:

Here is a great video series on how to combine them all.
In your use case, you WOULDN’T hide the member pages.

Hey Jess, you can easily create a membership site where users can log in and make their own page that can be shared publicly by following these steps. At first just go to Administration, tap the Data Aggregator data source and extract Monitoring Configuration before you press the option of Monitoring Profiles. Now press New. Here to utilize an already existed profile as a template, choose the profile, and tap Copy. Here the copy feature does not copy event rules so mention a different profile name and description before picking a poll rate. Here polling starts at the fastest rate for all the monitoring profiles that are linked with a device collection so changes to the poll rate take up to two cycles to apply. The time you use the 60-minute rate for a device, a No Data To Display message pops up with a time range of Last Hour. In case you alter the dashboard setting to a prior hour, you can see previous data. Now assign metric families to the chosen Metric Families list, press the option that says Save as the monitoring profile is applied to all assigned collections while the next poll cycle. Check out this website to learn a lot more now. At the end to begin monitoring with a new monitoring profile you can assign the profile to device collections.