Custom Signup Form in Duda

Hello! Is it possible to do Custom Profile & Signup Forms in Duda?

The tutorial video shows this being done in Webflow, so I wanted to see if its possible, and how to do it.

Thanks a million for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Ryan :wave:

Yes, this is possible but you would need to be comfortable with the developer mode. Here is a quick video that will get you on the right track

If you need any other help please just ask. :smile:

Thank Josh for the quick reply.

I have everything on my site all dialed in from that video, but in this video tutorials, it doesn’t show anything about creating custom signup forms and customer profiles.

On the page in Memberstack where I can add the custom fields to my sign up process is, there are links to tutotrials to do these custom forms. But the example videos for doing so, all are in Webflow.

I currently have it set up with the standard pop up, but want to do a custom form because all the fields there are simple text input fields. I wanted to add some different data fields types like a drop-down menu, and phone number, etc

Doest that make more sense?

Here is the video I am specifically referencing :slight_smile:

Hello @Josh-Lopez,

Just wanted to follow up with you on this when you have a chance. I can’t seem to figure it out on my own :frowning:

Here is an article on custom sign up forms I apologize for the delay.

Hey @Josh-Lopez,

So in the video you referenced, the signup form that is used in the demo is on Webflow. Is there a video that shows how this can be done in Duda?

Also, I set up the custom fields I want on my form within memberstack, but they dont show the attributes within memberstack like they show in the video. Screenshot attached. Any reason for that?.

Hi Ryan :wave: Thanks for the screenshot! I just now pushed a fix for that.

Can you try again for me?

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@DuncanHamra thank you so much for your help.

It looks like the fix you pushed worked and I can see those attribute codes now :slight_smile:

Last question, do you have Duda tutorial video showing where to add all of these within Duda? Or could you explain how I can do this?


Actually, yes! Let me find it for you…


Thank you so much @DuncanHamra !!! I really appreciate it