Custom Signup Form on Duda- data not storing in memberstack


I am having trouble getting my Custom Signup form on my Duda, to actually pass through the data into Memberstack.

Basically none of the custom data fields I configured are being passed and stored within memberstack.

I followed all the tutorial video exactly, but something still is off.

I took a video of the problem I am having, what memberstack is showing, and also the setup I have in Duda.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey Ryan :wave:

Thank you for the video! Would you be willing to message me some more details on how we can test out the site so we can look at the console and see if there are any errors? :smiley:

Thanks @Josh-Lopez. 100% can share whatever you need :slight_smile: Just let me know

Hey @Josh-Lopez let me know what you need and I will send them over

Is there a testing url I can view? I tried to go to the url in the video but it says coming soon.

Hey Josh, I just have it published to the live site here at

Hello again!

Try taking the required text out of the data-ms-member attribute. :smiley: This should fix it.

Awesome. Do i need to do that for all the attributes?

Yes, I think email and password was fine but the others had that required text in the attribute.

Perfect. Thank you Josh for all your help!

I just tested and it is working perfectly now. Much appreciated!

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