Custom User Dashboards

Im building a website for a client, the website is an e-book website and basically we want to have two different types of users, free users to read books with ads and the premium user that pays a yearly fee without ads… also I need to have each user regardless of free or premium be able to have a custom dashboard so they can save books as favorites and inside their dashboard be able to navigate thru with books they’ve saved.

Hope this makes sense. lol please help.

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Hi Caleb, MemberStack should work perfectly for you.

The ability to like/save books will require a bit of code, but maybe you can start from this template to save yourself the trouble:


As for showing/hiding ads - that will be the easy part. Will ALL user’s need an account (free or paid) to read books, or can non-members read the books as well?

all members will need an account of some sort, free version with ads and then paid members without.
Also is there someone i could connect with that could help me with the saving favorites and having them stored in their profile page?

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Here are a few folks who might be able to take additional work like this. I’ll let them follow up if this is something they’d be interested in. I told Stephanie & Noah about this thread.

Noah -
or Stephanie -

Best of luck!

Thanks @DuncanHamra! I’m here now :smile:
I’ll DM you @Caleb_Williams!

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Would it be possible to put both the saved and all photos collection on the same page?

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Hey Ben! :wave:

Yes, but it would required reworking the custom code. Do you want me to connect you with a freelancer who might be able to help with that?