Custom user pages - link button fails / solved

My link button that links users to their unique page does not work. ( page not found )

I have a site where users login and are then able to see their unique page.
I have set the site to direct the user to their unique page immediately after login - and this functions.

The issue I have is once the users click off thier page back to the main site - I can’t get the button that returns them to work.

I created a button in webflow
Under custom attributes I entered the two fields with

My question is what do I set as the URL link ( if any ) - what am I missing?
I have tried:


-thanks in advance

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Hey Andrew, it looks like you’ve setup everything properly…

Would you mind sharing a link to your site? I’ll signup and see if I can debug from the inside.

Also, you shouldn’t need to specify a link. That attribute should be enough.

Hey Duncan,

Thanks for jumping on this- and really great product BTW - I look forward to digging deeper but really enjoying it thus far.

Chris Drit got back to me on Slack. I deleted everything and started again without adding a URL and added:


and it is now working

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Hey Andrew! Thanks so much for sharing. :grin:

You can now also use the link #/ms/member-page/default if you don’t want to mess with the data attribute.