Custom Webflow Form

Hey groovers.

4hrs trying and still no joy :frowning:
Please disregard styling, that’ll come later :slight_smile:

Ok, so I’ve sent a punter to this link via email

They cliq click and huzzah, takes em to this link

problem is that there’s no payment popup, nor does the punter’s deets populate into MS.
The other forms work sweet, pay popup happens and deets get populated, but not on the supplier signup…

What have I missed gang?

Hey Barry :wave:

Try changing the email field data-ms-member=“data-ms-member” to data-ms-member=“email”. After you do that try the form again and see if it works. If not then let me know and I can dive deeper. :grinning:

What kind of weird magic is this?

Please accept my virtual carton of Australian beer, you rock good sir !

cooper beer

Thanks for being awesome!