Customer cancels membership and immediately loses access

My site has a monthly paid subscription option. When a user cancels their monthly subscription, I would expect them to still have access until the end of their billing period, however MemberStack immediately logs them out, then when they try to log back in they have an error message saying that they don’t have an active subscription.
Is this expected behaviour?
If so, is there any way of allowing a user to have access until the end of their billing period?

Hi Alastair!

Is your membership still in test mode?

The reason I ask is because once you publish your membership, canceling a paid subscription shouldn’t immediately revoke access. It just sets the subscription to cancel at period end.

OK. No, my membership is published. But when I did it again yesterday evening, the membership was shown as ‘canceling on X’, so it seems to be behaving as expected. Ignore previous comment then - I’ll post again with more info if I see this problem again.

Okay sounds great, thanks!

I’ve had a few users select a monthly subscription instead of selecting the daily subscription they intended.
I’ve refunded the user a balance of the payment from stripe but then the monthly subscription remains active until the end of the month when they should only have access for 24hrs. To workaround this I’ve had to delete the user 24hrs after purchase to terminate the access but then they have to recreate their account next time they come back.

What’s the recommended approach for this user scenario where we want to be able to terminate access and refund the balance of remaining time?

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Hi there, I build a website for my client using memberstack and there are 2 memberships at the website. One is free and one is payed (valid for one month)

Some user subscribed the payed service and 10 days later, changed by mistake to the free plan loosing access to the payed content of the website.

So the user didn’t unsubscribe. Actually, the user only changed the subscription plan so he lost access to the remaining 20 days of the payed subscription.

@belltyler is this the expected behaviour?