Customer Group Pricing

Hi, I am on Squarespace, can Memberstack able to hide & display different pricing for different (free) customer groups login?

Example: (Magento 2 plugin):

Feature: Different pricing for different customer login group. Back-end Squarespace Commerce will allow customers to be classified under a B2B customer (distributor) or B2C customer (consumer). B2B customer will access the site with discounted pricing and certain exclusive products.

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Hi there! I haven’t has a chance to try this yet. I assume the answer is no, but I do have one possible solution.

Instead of hiding/showing different pricing on the same page / for the same products you could create different pages with different pricing. Memberstack could then lock or unlock different pages depending on a user’s membership level.

I’m curious how that idea sounds to you? We didn’t anticipate this use case when we first built Memberstack.