Customer Membership Renewal Dates

Hi, I’m representing a national business membership organisation that has thousands of existing members all with varying renewal dates.

We would obviously need to import the existing member data into memberstack.

We’ve been trialing your platform recently but I can’t see an option to amend the renewal date of a member’s subscription to set a specific renewal date.

Is this because we are in trial mode currently, or is this something that is not currently possible?

Look forward to hearing your response.

Hey James :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Great question James. Currently, our platform does not allow you to set a renewal date but we think this is a great idea. I have added this to our customer insight list for a future feature!

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So is there a workaround that you can suggest for this problem?

Would we be able to import the members onto a free plan until their next renewal date and then switch them to a paid plan? Would that work?

Hello again :wave:

We do not have a workaround for this that would work well. You could import all onto a free plan and then tell them to upgrade their membership on the date they want to be billed. You would need to have an upgrade page on your website with buttons to upgrade the membership. :grinning: