Customers using created profiles to check out items on the shop

Okay, so im building a service which allows my users to sign up connect their cards and being able to use their cards to check out on the site. Now, the thing is I have no clue if member stack will allow that function on webflow. Because I do not want my customers to create a profile, and then constantly keep re entering their card information every time they press check out. Also, one more question when a payment is successful (like a slot machine) I want more customers cards only charged when a (slot) is a successful. so like you put your card on a profile and we dont charge until we send you a confirmation that an order is successful. Thank you if you guys can help with this two concerns!

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Hi @cornelious! I think MemberStack can actually help with this… do you have any links or screenshots you could share? I’d love to take a look around your site. A few questions.

  1. Are you manually charging their cards and sending confirmation emails?
  2. Does a user need a card on file to play?

Hi Duncan, yes I can send you the screenshots! I’ll Pm you the screenshots and see what you can do, I’m under a NDA. so, im trying my best to describe this scenario without getting in legal trouble haha.

  1. I think we are manually charging them, I’ll ask the back end developer if we are.
  2. Yes, because we want the user to check out via webflow, but using memberstack’s service to save their card information, profile information, and use it on check out… if that makes sense. I’ll pm you bro
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