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I have created a dashboard on the cms of webflow, when a user register to the platform it adds this user the cms (clients).

The question is when the user log in on the platform, I want him to be redirected to their dashboard on the cms.

For example www.webflow.com/clients/user-id


Hi Aleix!

You’ll want to use our member specific pages feature if you’re not already (https://help.memberstack.io/post/user-specific-pages).

It allows you to assign specific pages to individual members.

But more importantly, you can enable a setting so members are redirected to their page on login :grinning: Step 5 on the link above explains how to do that.

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I am using this setting and the redirection login is activated,

But it sends all the members to www.webflow.com/clients/user instead to the member id

Are you setting their member page in their profile?

If you go to the members page, select a member, you’ll see a field to enter their specific page.


The problem was the configuration on Zapier was wrong and it didnt send the slug to memberstack, thats why it send all my users to the same page.

Here is the right zapier configuration (https://help.memberstack.io/post/automatic-user-specific-pages) to make it work

Thanks Bell!

Now, I have enabled (Send members to their page on login.) but it doesn’t send them when they log in to their dashboard page. It sends them to their welcome page when the sign up, any ideas how to solve this?

Hi Aleix,

Are you trying to send them directly to their page on signup? If so, that’s a bit tricky because of Zapier. Zapier doesn’t always run the Zap instantly and may take a few minutes to run. It’s typically less than 5 seconds but either way, MemberStack doesn’t initially know their specific page when it redirects from signup.

For this scenario we recommend redirecting members to a welcome page on signup. Then have Zapier configured to email them a link to their own page once the Zap is finished (you would add an email step). On the welcome page you could tell users they will receive an email shortly to their specific page.

All future logins would be taken directly to their page if you have that setting enabled.