Dashboard select elements store in Webflow CMS


I am creating a dashboard from the tutorial memberstack provided and have linked the Webflow CMS to the user. Within the dashboard I want some of the user selections to be stored in a CMS field. An example would be a user chooses a book from a selection within the dashboard, this book then assigns to the CMS field ‘books’ within the user account collection. In turn this should allow me to show that item as being selected in the dashboard.

Hope this makes sense and look forward to hearing from you.


Hey Chris :wave:

Great question! This can be done with some custom code using our front-end API. :smiley:

Hi Josh,

Would you be explain how this would work if we wanted a user to select a Webflow CMS item and store that against their account?

Its hard to explain for your specific use case but here is a link that should get you on the right track. :smiley:

Did you get this all figured out?

If not, a screencast of mine walks you through how to do exactly as you’ve described:

  1. member signs up/logs in
  2. is presented with some options
  3. they can select 1 or more of those options
  4. based on their selection, you can show content tagged with only those options

My example walks through doing this for articles (personalized content) but is very easily retooled to meet your specific needs.

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Thanks, Chris Drit!

I need to start remembering your tutorials more. You are amazing! :smiley: I will add a bookmark to your site so I won’t forget in the future.

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@Josh-Lopez thank you for the kind words :pray: I hope my tutorials are helpful!

Hi Chris

Thank you for tutorial on this, I am going to try implement this today and see if I can get it all working, I think what I was trying to avoid Airtable which Josh videos suggest. Do yo guys have any pro’s and cons on what route to take.

Thanks for the great advice so far


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HI Chris/Josh

I have made a start from your awesome video, i have a few questions if that is ok -

I want a user to select an item (book) and when they click the button submit it will send to zapier and back to webflow to store the choice, which i can see in your video.

Once this is done i want the button they used to submit to be then greyed out so they can’t select that option or any other book again, is this possible?

Also how would i apply the checkbox scenario to a button and have it applied to each individual book without creating a form element for each book and in turn having to create a zap for each.

Help is really appreciated so far, from your video i have been looking at options i didn’t know was available.

Thank you


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I use Airtable as a “lookup table” only when needed. For example, to lookup a Webflow ID when I only have access to a MemberStack ID (searching Airtable by MemberStack ID will return the Webflow CMS Item ID that I can then use to update that item with). The Airtable free account has always worked fine in this use-case, for me.

You can simply save a field in the Webflow CMS that you may then filter on for visibility within Webflow. There should be a bunch of tutorials/examples on the Webflow university site for this.

Not super clear on this question. If you want something to submit up to Zapier, it needs to be a form. If you want to avoid Zapier all together, you’ll maybe get by with some complicated javascript, or you’ll need to bolt on a 3rd party that will do it for you.

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Hi Chris

Thank you for taking the time to reply, this is very helpful.

I am going to give the above a try and see how I get on.

Your help is really appreciated,



Hi Chris,

Made some progress with the Dashboard - for the checkbox and form elements - what I want to do is allow the user to select the checkbox styled as a button and once pressed the text changes from select to selected. Once this has been done there will be an option to the submit checkbox via submit button and store in CMS. What I can’t figure out is how to initially get the selected checkbox text the change from select to selected, any ideas?




No i don’t. I think the best place to ask these sorts of questions would be the Webflow forum (https://forum.webflow.com) there are a lot of knowledgable people for these kinds of UI specifics.

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