Dashboard template

I am looking to implement a upload button for members to add content to the documents and assets, which store on there own dashboard from the template memeberstack provided.

TIA Chris

Hey @Chris,

Hmmm, this is possible but a little tricky. This can be done with Webflow and Zapier although file upload is only available on Webflows most premium plan.

This forum thread may help you out a little: Show Profile Photo on Profile Page

We would love to help out more but we can’t invest much time into helping with content uploads outside of our current scope :disappointed: We have more work to do before Memberstack is ready for things like this :sweat_smile:

If you do get it up and running we would love for you to post in this thread how you got on incase it helps any other members out😀

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HI @mollyfloyd24,

Thank you for the reply,

I will work on this - i am just moving the dashboard to a different site, I am having trouble setting up the zap for Zapier to Webflow where it creates the memberships slug - i can’t find the instructions i had previously. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?