Dashboard Tutorial - Signup and Add Webflow CMS Item

Hi, I have followed the dashboard tutorial and wanted to expand on when a user signs up how can we automatically create the client item as a Webflow CMS page personalised just for them under the client CMS pages template?

Great product by the way and looking forward to testing out the functionality we need.

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Hey Chris! I think this is what you’re looking for :grin:

This article will show you how to create a new, live CMS item in Webflow when a new member signs up.


Let me know if that’s helpful.

Hi Duncan,

All setup thank you.

For some reason when i now log in as the user i get sent to the access denied page, i am trying to get the user to go to there specific dashboard page. Looking at the url slug it has the correct slug but wont take them to there dashboard.

Would you be able to advise?

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All Sorted thank you

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