Data-ms-content not working for membership tiers -- is this because of Test Mode?

Hey there!
I have no trouble hiding or showing content to ALL members (using the custom attribute in Webflow), but am not able to hide/show content to my two different membership tiers using their unique values. Is this because my account is in Test Mode?

My two tiers are “free-members” and “therapists”. I have tried both positive and negative(!) attributes but neither work.

These work (show/hide from ALL members):

But these don’t work:


Hi Josh,
Thanks so much for this suggestion – unfortunately it didn’t work (hmm).

Tried both membership type ID selectors on a few different pages (a fully public page plus the unique member dashboard page) and didn’t work on either.

Have you ever heard of this membership tier selector being an issue in Test Mode?

I was wrong. :man_facepalming:

you need to put the hidden content id. I looked at your account and noticed your hidden content was enabled for both memberships. I disabled therapists for the free membership.

Try data-ms-content=“therapists" and data-ms-content=“free-members" again.

That worked @Josh-Lopez, my bad, thank you so much! :raised_hands:t3:

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