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Hi Memberstack,

I am building a website with Webflow and Memberstack for a nonprofit dedicated to supporting foster and kinship youth. Our program has different registrations depending on whether one is applying to become a volunteer as an adult or as a minor. As a minor, they need to provide their current school, grade, etc. As an adult, they need to fill in their availability to set up a live interview. With a multi-page sign-up form in mind, I wanted to ask users for their age through a date field where they could enter their date of birth. Is this possible with Memberstack? And if so, could I integrate it into the form so that the input would dictate what membership (Adult or Minor) they would be registering for?

Thank you for your time and help!

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Hey @lilychxng,

Hmmm sounds really interesting! You can ask for their date of birth if you build a custom form, see tutorial here:

I would say the second part isn’t possible in Memberstack. You maybe able to do it using some JavaScript - are you familiar at all with JavaScript?

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Thank you for the quick reply, @mollyfloyd24!

Is there a way to customize the field so that the input would be more static (for example, a calendar pop-up that is included in date fields) so that the input would be more consistent to work with? Also, I am familiar with JavaScript, but I am not sure where I can write the custom code. Would it be in Webflow or in Memberstack?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Something like this?
Here is how to add custom code in webflow

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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