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My site will have a free membership option for one type of member, e.g freelancers and a free and paid membership option for, e.g agencies.

The issue I have is that if the agency chooses the option of FREE membership a pop-up asks them if they want to change membership.

Because the “freelancer” never chooses a membership they will always have the default plan. And it seems like ALL that sign up, regardless of what they eventually choose as plan, will start with the default plan.

The “agency” chooses plan in my step 3.

Any way around this?

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Hi Paul, thanks for explaining!

Let me bounce this back at you, just to make sure I fully understand.

During signup, all members will start on the free plan (the default). Then during step-3, agencies have the choice to join a free agency plan or a paid agency plan. The issue is that the “Change membership” modal appears even when they pick the free plan, correct?

If that’s all true, then I recommend restructuring your signup process so agencies and freelancers have two different signup flows. If a user starts down the freelancer path they will get the current default membership. However, if they go down the agency path they will signup for a free agency account. This way, the user is only ever asked to “Upgrade” if they want to pay.

I hope this helps! If I’m totally off the mark, just let me know :sweat_smile:

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Hi Duncan!

Thank you for your reply.

What you say is correct.

And it is how I set it up first. I have 2 different sign-up flows, one for agencies and one for freelancers.

However, because the the landing page in the default plan (the freelance plan) is set to be for freelancers.

So I have 2 different sign up pages, one for freelancers and one for agents. However, I want the login page for freelancers to take them on the route that belongs to the freelancer, and when the agent signs up on the agent site, I want them to take them on the route of agents. Both 2nd step has an onboarding step which is different.

In Memberstack, in the setup per membership, I have to define what is the page they go to when they sign up. I want the freelancers after sign up to go to freelancer onboarding, and the agent after sign up to go to the agent onboarding.

Now, I have it setup like you have done in the onboarding example. But what I want is to have 2 buttons on the Home page that starts the 2 routes instead of having 1 signup page, then split into 2 routes.

Sorry for the lengthy description, sometimes easier to show than tell :smiley:

I hope you get what I am trying to explain.



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Got it. If I understand correctly, all you need to do is move those data-membership-ids (the ones that let user select what membership they want) to your homepage.

User’s can select what membership they want before or after signing up. :+1:

Hi Duncan!

Got it! Working perfectly now :smiley: