Default Plan Not Working?


Im still on the test plan, have 3 free membership plans and one of them as the default one. Somehow, all member signups end up in one of the other two plans, not the default plan.

Has anyone experienced that before? I tried the email domain feature on the other two, might be related to that (but has been removed with the emails deleted). Even totally unrelated emails like dont end up in the default membership plan.

Hey Jan :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Great question. Do you mind sharing your url so we can take a look and figure out the problem?

Hi Josh,

Thank you. The URL is:

Edit: I will send you a PM, dont see a way to hide data here.

You can quickly see the problem when signing up with some test data. The member will not end up in the default plan.