Delete member via API/Zapier?

Hi there -

Pretty sure that this 1) isn’t currently possible, and 2) hasn’t been asked/answered here, but:

I’m using Memberstack (in Webflow) to manage users for an AWS Marketplace SaaS product. The way this works is

  1. A user initiates subscription through our product’s AWS Marketplace listing page
  2. AWS hits one of our own API endpoints
  3. that endpoint then returns a redirect to the Webflow page that has the signup flow where
  4. we collect email and password, and create the member using vanilla MS functionality.

This all works perfectly.

But the problem is that the user will also UNsubscribe through AWS Marketplace, and I don’t have a solution for how to tell MS to delete the member. The Zapier integration doesn’t have a delete action, and I’m not aware of anything else that can make this happen.

Ideas? Thoughts?



Hey @beau!

The work you’ve done to this point sounds amazing :grinning:

Currently, there is no programatic way to delete members. At the moment, members have to be deleted through your MemberStack dashboard. That said, I do see where a Zapier action to delete/unsubscribe members would be super useful! I’ll add this to our list of Actions to add. Realistically, this will be quite easy for us to add.

For now, can you process deletions manually? Maybe have Zapier notify you when a member unsubscribes, and then delete them in the dashboard. Definitely not ideal, but maybe it would be a nice temporary solution till we have programmatic method :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @belltyler - yes, manual totally works for now. This was more about figuring out the path forward, and making sure that I would have a good programmatic option in time.