(Different) "Missing Credentials" error on custom signup form

Hi there,

We’re running into a “Missing Credentials” error that appears to be different than the other two posted in this forum.

We have all the data-ms attributes in the right places (and we tried ms- as well), on the form, and on the two input elements. We do get the payment modal but when we click “Confirm and Pay” we get the “Missing Credentials” error message.

I inspected the response and the function that generates the request, and it looks like the library is selecting the Memberstack built in sign up form even though we selected “Build a custom signup form” in the settings.

Why is the Memberstack built in form on our page even though we’re using a custom signup form? Is there some layout/attribute change we can make to ensure that our custom form is selected by the library?

Our form is available here: https://5e67a64284cbd80007253058--respondfirst.netlify.com/register

Thanks for your help!


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I’ll look at this as soon as I’m back home. :slight_smile: currently trying to live my mad max fantasy and going out for survival food. Lol


@Josh-Lopez I forgot to mark this one as resolved :grinning: We solved this via email.

Thanks for offering the help though! Also, be safe out there :smile:

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Ah ok! Just trying to help where I can. :slight_smile:

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