Disable Ability to Upgrade Based on Time


I have a unique case where users can upgrade their account once they complete a certain amount of material within the Membership area. Theoretically, they could upgrade their membership multiple times within a day, but I want to enforce that they can only upgrade to the next step once per day.

Is there way within Memberstack to disable upgrades for 24 hours?

For example, if I upgraded to Silver today, I would not be able to upgrade to Gold until tomorrow.

Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions or feedback.

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Hi Greg,

We don’t have an out of the box feature that would allow you to do that. That said, it’s 100% possible using member metadata and custom code.

Ultimately what you would do is hide/show the appropriate upgrade buttons using custom code. You would need to store a timestamp to the members metadata when they upgrade to silver. That way, you know to only make the Gold upgrade button visible when the current timestamp is 24 hours greater than the previously saved timestamp.

You’ll find how to save/retrieve member metadata at the bottom of this link: https://help.memberstack.io/post/front-end-api

Please let me know if you have any questions! Also, if you don’t know how to code, I am sure we can connect you with a freelance developer.