Disabling customers with forever coupon?


we set up a digital studio to run in tandem to our physical fitness studio. i would like to provide certain members of our physical space with complimentary access to the digital studio while their membership is active in our physical space.

curious what the best option is to accomplish this?

  1. create a forever free coupon to provide the specific members and cancel their digital membership if they cancel their physical- is there an option to cancel this membership on the backend at a certain point in time? i see that you can cancel memberships directly in memberstack- would this remove all the data in stripe or just on a go forward basis?

  2. create a monthly one time coupon- in this scenario if they were eligible for more than one month would they have to cancel and then set up a new free month each eligible time?

appreciate any insights around this.

thank you!

Hey Barbie :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Great questions.

You would need to do this manually within the app. You may however be able to schedule a cancellation within the stripe dashboard.

If the user is canceled they would remain in stripe. If the user is deleted then it would also delete in stripe.

If the member were to renew their membership they could add another coupon. :smiley: