Disabling the "Your membership is no longer active" pop-up?

Hi, I admin a site that has a bunch of expiring (and expired) memberships coming up, one of those is a test account of mine. Every time I visit the homepage of the site, I get a popup modal that says my membership expired and asks me to renew my membership. Is there a way to turn this popup off or leave it for a specific page—like the Members Area page or the Membership Sales page?

This is what I’m seeing when visiting the home page (which is meant to be free for all):


Hey Vitaliyg :wave:

Great question. We do not have a way to turn that off from our side. I understand what you are saying though. If you want to be logged out you can clear your cookies for that site and this will not show until you login again. I am putting this as an insight to see how many times this comes up and be able to show why this would be a good feature in the future. :smiley:

A possible workaround would be to lower the session duration time. To do this you would add this script above your Memberstack header code. this will logout users after 24 hours.

<!--MS session duration-->

  ms_settings = {
  session:  24  // hours

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Perfect, thanks Josh! Hope you’re doing well

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We had set the timeout session to 50,000 hours with the mindset of keeping people logged in to be able to quickly access premium content, but now I see where this falls short. It would be cool to have a button that logs everybody out at the same time.

I had changed session time back to 72 hours, am I correct to understand that this will only apply to new members?

Do you have any other ideas? Because the renew membership popup that comes up is one from a membership that we no longer offer. We’ve changed the default membership on memberstack, but for some reason that’s not doing the trick.

Also, is there away to restrict what pages on the site that popup comes up on? It shouldn’t be on pages of the site that are free to all. Right now every page a user visits has that popup load. Even if they click off, it still appears on every page they visit thereafter.

This is applied to all users who login.

We do not currently have a way to change this, unfortunately. Would you mind filing a bug for this specific problem? :smiley:

Unfortunately, this is a core feature of Memberstack and we do not have this much control for it. This would be a feature request that can be made here. We understand this is frustrating and we are actively talking about problems like this as a team. We do not have an ETA on when we can implement something different yet though. :cry: